Tuesday, February 2, 2010

parisian love

postcard style.
i'm a little addicted to prints and frames.
but for now these are pegged onto string in the entryway
my friend kiri has just spent 2 years travelling -
uk, europe and japan
and while in paris she got these for ché.
we treasure them (and her)
check out these cute framed bears
this studio violet print is on my wishlist
i'm getting this photo printed on canvas....i love my boy

p.s. an interview & giveaway in the next few days.
till then...


  1. Adorable- I love the first one. I can't wait to decorate a little one's room and live vicariously through them :)

  2. So cute! The first is also my favourite, your friend has good taste.

  3. Nice images and that is a gorgeous pic of your little man - those eyes. Goodness. How do you every say no.

  4. Gorgeous prints - and even better that they are from a good friend. I can see why you treasure them :)

  5. I do like the studio violet print. Great colours. And that photo on canvas will look awesome!