Sunday, February 7, 2010

hazy monday

the humidity has been high for a few weeks now. Everyone is a little weary and a little over being sweaty and sticky. As Ché would say: "Yuk Mum." Yes, yuk. It's so humid that you can almost see the air - constant downpours and bright sun makes me feel like I'm living in monsoon season in the tropical north. For now lemongrass and ginger tea is helping. So too is our new king size bed - so much glorious room. Why didn't we get one sooner?

Tomorrow - an interview and a giveaway.


  1. We have had just heat here but I think that we are in for yuck tomorrow for a few days. A king bed sounds like a stretchy out dream on a hot day

  2. Yay for king sized beds and lemongrass tea! :)

  3. when we got our kingsized bed it felt sooo huge. Enjoy the space. And I too hope this humidity passes soon.

  4. what a lovely photo. wouldn´t mind switching with you for a few days... ;)