Monday, November 16, 2009

yoga aid

Yesterday I joined 5000 yogis worldwide and practiced 108 glorious sun salutations to raise money for charity. Accompanied by a room full of passionate friends, we dipped, swayed and moved to the beautiful sounds of the djembe, harmonium, gong (thanks che che) and the chanting of 'om'. It was truly the most wonderful experience. To unite through yoga is a blessing. We practiced 12 rounds of nine, starting and ending with the traditional Satyananda style. Rounds 2-11 we practiced Surya Namaskara A and by the end, we were moving so very quickly, the drumming was fast, our energy was high and I know I smiled throughout each and every salute. I led a couple of rounds and standing in front of so many yogis and yoginis only affirmed for me that yes, this is what i love doing, and this is what I'll continue to do.

Our studio is going green! Soy-based painted walls (in the colour lotus, of course), bamboo mats, organic fabric-covered eye bags and bolsters, a herb garden, beautiful succulents, a no-plastic-water-bottle policy and the encouragement of body, breath, mind and environmental awareness.
We will be registering as a 'green' business very soon ad we are so excited.

I'll be spending quite a few weeks at the ashram next year to officially complete my teacher training and while that will make me busy (and poor) I know it is just the beginning of a career, and lifestyle, that will support, nurture and nourish my family.

If you are willing to make a donation for my 108 efforts yesterday, you can donate here. Thank you.

OM shanti, shanti, shanti. Hari om!


  1. Your descriptions sound incredible!
    What a beautiful thing to be a part of, how lovely your day must have been together with friends saluting the sun! Many warm wishes xo

  2. Looks like an amazing day. Good on you guys.

    It has been ages, hope you guys are all well.
    We wont be there on friday unfortunatly, days passing fast. Must catch up though. Should be able to make it in a few weeks.
    LOve to you guys over there, take

  3. dear jody. i'm a yoga lover too. your words and pictures are very inspiring. yoga is life. and in everything. i'm thinking about starting a teacher training...but i'm also a bit afraid and insecure.
    wish you a wonderful and happy day*