Wednesday, November 4, 2009

it's not summer just yet

but yesterday was hideously hot. Our day included:
3 ocean swims
6 cold showers
2 baths
icy-cold drinks (too many to count)
3 frozen poppers
spaghetti for dinner - alfresco.
Ché liked the ocean swims but I think the top of his list would have to be the frozen poppers.
They kept him entertained and hydrated for a good long while.
I was so very thankful for those frozen juices
because it was too hot to move.
I'm a little scared about our approaching summer.
The bark is literally dropping off the gums in big long strips.
A tell-tale sign of a fiery season.


  1. good luck up there! victoria has gotten lots of rain this spring and so everything is really green...and cold again!! gotta love melbourne weather...NOT!

    love that photo, btw :)

  2. oof, I don't long for that!
    We had a very mild summer this year, and I was so grateful!

  3. May your warmth also bring all of the coolness that your heart desires. :-) Your little one looks so sweet in that picture!

  4. Don't you love frozen juice boxes - how wierd is the weather now! In SA we had last week hot, this week cold and now next week is hot. I don't "do" summer particularly well so I think it will be blog, beach and backyard this year! (with frozen juice boxes!)

  5. Ooof, wasn't it hot. I went and swan laps at the pool rather than go for a run. Was so good. The light on the houses around the waterfront there looks golden and gorgeous. Then I went and saw a bunch of mini Girl Guides running around in the heat all squealing and having fun and joined other adults for a meeting to plan next year. I've put my hand up to get back into next year. My partner and I sat down and said what was possible and we think we've got the fulltime study thing under control. We think. Remind me of that in about six months.
    Am feeling much refreshed after my break and hoping to head to the beach this weekend. A friend died, but that's OK. I saw him days before he did and made him laugh and fed him cake. His wife said his death was gentle and special. What more could one hope for.
    Time for new things, rebirths, change. I feel it under my skin.
    I do think of you pottering about the same spaces as me. Hope we one day bump into each other. I feel like I'd know you if I did.