Friday, September 4, 2009

then & now

amongst the freesias.
almost one.
almost two.
he's a spring baby.
i'm in the space i'd like to call 'before birthday'
i did it last year as well.
i think i'll probably do it for every year he nears blowing out one more candle
it must be a muma thing


  1. his hair is exactly like my Dakota's

  2. what a little man he is now. Can you believe it's been two years? Lovely for him to be surrounded by beautiful flowers and warm weather for his birthday, very birthdayish time of year this. We'll see you soon, I'm sure of it!!

  3. Ho wbeautiful that you have these photos as a record x

  4. what a difference a year makes - from baby to boy. you will have to keep the freesia tradition alive xx

  5. Oh, such a lovely new tradition to start. It's amazing how quickly they change in such a small period of time!

  6. Such a time of reflection, the lead up to their birthday.

    I'm seeing such changes we approach two. Determination. Wilfulness. Testing mummy's patience for the first time!

  7. Oh my look at those freesia's! What a wonderful reminder to take you straight back through all those years of sweet baby and boyhood memory. Ah yes I am currently in the same space as you...somehow thrust forward but often looking back.