Tuesday, September 15, 2009

in company of friends

and family.
we like to sit just in front of this red wall.
and sip coffee and read books.
the three of us.
ché is stealing his dada's style.
straw fedora 'n all.
both my boys are spring babies.
happy 31st daniel grey.
today it's your day.
we had fun. x


  1. Happy birthday!

    Love love lovin that fedora. Where did you get it???

    By the way, how's the knitted blanket coming along?

  2. He is so ready to steal the ladies hearts isn't he - perhaps that is like his daddy too - I am not sure. Looks like a great day to bring in another year.

  3. Happy birthday Daniel,
    Hope he gets spoilt rotten and a good bike ride in...hehe
    Love A, F, J, M and baby bump..xx

  4. Our men are so close in birthdays... so many virgos around!
    Happy belated birthday to him for tuesday!