Thursday, July 2, 2009

kumquats & chilli

but not together. Home-grown flavour and colour to add a little bright around the house. It's so blustery today, the perfect weather for staying in and cuddling under a blanket.

Ché's knitted blanket is coming along. I'm such a perfectionist with things like that though -I've already unravelled it twice because of a dropped stitch or two. Daniel said he's finding this knitting thing to be quite stressful. Hilarious really considering it's supposed to be an enjoyable past-time. I'm just really particular with the things in my home. I like everything to be just so. And if I finished the blanket and there were mistakes I know I would get slightly annoyed every time I looked at it. I'm not bothered by the unravelling and have quite enjoyed the beginning again of it all.

Because it's Friday I'm cooking soup and pizza for dinner. Again, not together, but one-after-the-other. I thought it the perfect opportunity to ask you what your favourite recipe is for pizza dough? And go on, share with me your favourite topping.

I'll share mine tomorrow.


  1. The bowl with the kumquats is beautiful.

    I love a good pizza. The best I have ever tasted was in Naples and it was simply a thin base with tomato sause and cheese. So simple and so yummy.

    At home I can't go past some mixed herbs sprinkled over the sauce, chicken, mushrooms, three types of cheese, onion, and anything else we have in the house. :)

  2. yummy! I just blogged about my love for kumquats the other day! funny.

  3. We have pizza every Monday. The children put the toppings on, they're great little helpers. They love tomato, cheese and olives. I love blanched kale, pine nuts and fetta....I love my pizza stone - makes super thin crunchy bases...

  4. That is the most delicious bowl ever!!!