Monday, July 13, 2009

"white space" - the pondering place

white space, bedroom space

There's a post over at Camp Creek Blog about the 'white space' on a page. The blank bits, the nothingness between words, paragraphs, thoughts. It really made me think about the way a writer uses white space as a form of punctuation. To highlight an idea.

To emphasize.

To make the reader stop

and think
about what is being said.

And then the post goes on to ask, where's the white space in your day? In your child's day? Do you run from sentence to sentence, sometimes overlapping, and find yourself, at the very end of the day, in a ball on the couch, exhausted. Too tired to think?

"When we cram too many experiences into a child’s day/week/life, we don’t leave time for them to think about what they’ve experienced — they just move on to the next thing, letting the previous thing drop away."

Such a good lesson for myself in my life. And the way I find and move with the steady rhythm of our family. Because the resting is just as important as the doing - the restropective thought just as important as engaging in the present task.

It's about the quality, not the quantity. Slow food, slow fashion. Living - It's the new 'slow'.


  1. A lovely post Jodi, and one that rings so true to me. I confess that I haven't been too good at leaving any white space in my life recently, but I fully endeavour to do so more often. Thanks for this!

  2. this is exactly what i needed reminded of today. thankyou love. xx

  3. Too right. I've been pondering this lately as well - when was it "wrong" to have quiet time, thinking music, a place to just be. These things can only be right.

    So much is considered "important" these days, we need that buffer of being and thinking and slowing down.

    Beautiful post, Jodi.

  4. lovely post and such a great reminder. being sick has forced me to just sit and cuddle whilst - wait for it - not achieving anything productive. can u imagine?! yes its been lovely and a good lesson. white is the new black! xx

  5. Nice thoughts, great season to be

  6. Jodi, as I am sitting here with a can of white paint and paintbrush in hand ... lol ... plus just finished conversing with a friend about homeschooling/unschooling ideas ... this post spoke volumes to me. Thanks for introducing me to Camp Creek's Blog too.
    Much Peace!

  7. ha what an interesting post - my blogs are one big rambly paragraph! I need white space! emma x

  8. Great post! and so very true. Definitely something to ponder. Thanks!

  9. I love it..."the new slow". Usually, I'm pretty adamant about keeping the "white spaces" in all aspects of my life, but lately I've needed a reminder. Thanks.

  10. I;ve never thought of it quite like that. I need some "white space" in my day.

  11. I love Camp Creek's blog. I could use some white space in my life. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by clutter right now and have always found it difficult to sit still and soak up the moment. Beautifully refreshing photo.. thank you for sharing. :)

  12. haha as a designer i am a big fan of white space - literally ; )
    in life though white space seems harder to come by, such a precious thing that requires precious time : ) i'd love a quality, slow life x
    thanks for another great post!!

    ps. sorry for the delay response to your comment on my blog re: scarf pattern, i dont have one, i just made it up but it is crochet in some form : ) i dont even know the crochet stitch names to explain this better but basically i do the chain until it it the length i want for the width of the scarf and then i work back onto it with chains (treble it think its called?) and continue going back and forth until i have the length i want. terrible explanation i know - sorry x

  13. my enormous white bed is the only white space around here and sadlyI don't see it for as long as I would like...

  14. Thanks for the reminder to allow for white space - it really is an essential part of living.

  15. I love the idea of finding the white space in daily life.

    It is important to steady ones self, to not become so wrapped up in too many things at once.

    I try to make sure that everyday with my son, we have a quiet play time for a good while. Whether reading a book, or just playing on the floor, or going for a walk. With out the commotion of the world around us, it lets the two of us find each other in a better love.

    Thanks for this peaceful post.


  16. in the midst of summer, its hard sometimes to not be a flurry of constant activity. thanks for the reminder....ive been making more of an effort of simply watching emmett play rather than jumping in for interaction. peace, jamie

  17. Thanks for the reminder of the white spaces! So important in everything from writing to living.
    Nice to visit here again.