Saturday, March 28, 2009

where do the days go?

I disappeared for a while, I know. The last week or so has been hectic. Ché's Ommi went to Bali to assist Shiva Rea in a teaching workshop and I got to look after the studio. Yes I was jealous about missing out on Bali but it was the perfect opportunity for me to expand my own teaching journey. Ten classes later and I'm feeling exhausted but equally as inspired.

It feels good and it feels right - to share yoga with others. While I've happily come to that conclusion in the past week I felt that comforting buzz of inspiration and excitement when I opened the SMH this morning. The Sydney Writer's Festival program has been announced and I'm itching to get down to the wharves to hear all of those wonderful writers speak their words. I have fond memories of sitting on Pier 2 and soaking up the winter sun before yet another amazing lecture. I went every year when I was at Uni. I adore the smell of fresh coffee combined with just-printed-paperbacks. Every year I returned home with a bag of new novels - even though I worked in a bookshop at the time. The sweetest nostalgia. I'm longing for a day at the festival - I hope it eventuates.

I've always been one of those people that likes to have something to look forward to. Something to work towards. Yoga and motherhood have been the greatest teachers - allowing me to stay in the present, in the now. While I can dream of mingling with writers and word-folk in May it's hard not to be wrapped up in my day-to-day life. Because I'm so happy at the moment. Ché is 18-months this week and his quirky little character is shining through. In the last few days he's learnt the subtle art of eskimo kissing and after rubbing noses he pulls me towards him and pats me on the back. It makes my day - everytime.

Our autumn is proving to be a special one. Cool nights and the sunniest days where basking in the warmth seems like the most important thing on the agenda. The light and the air are beautiful. I'm enjoying the colours too. And I've added something new to my visualisations when I'm teaching - 'autumn leaves falling from the tree'. Go on, think about it. It makes you feel good, doesn't it.


  1. i've missed your posts so this latest one was especially sweet. i do so love autumnal light, but right now all i can think about is heat! heat! i need warmth. my bones are going to crack from shivering so much for so long.

    happy days to you!

  2. I need to be better at living in the moment.

  3. Sounds like heaven to and a writers meeting!

  4. You have been busy. It's in the stars I am sure, a turning of wheels, a changing of seasons. We're being prepared, a busy readiness before hibernation. I saw the SWW guide too. I have tucked it away soI can mark things tonight. I have even thought about booking a room at The Rocks Hotel (as advertised in the supplement) so I can spend two decadent days there.

  5. writers festivals are brilliant ...

  6. lovely to read about how inspired you are feeling. i think 18 mths is such a delightful time, with language opening up a little one's experience and plenty of independance. its nice for you to take stock of the journey you have been on into motherhood, no need to rush along another sibling like us older chicks have had to! hope u make it to the festival xx

  7. Ooo, I so hope you get a day at the writers' festival. I remember being in AUS in your end of summer and reading about this. It sounded so good.

  8. i am relatively new to the world of blogging but i have read your blog a few times.
    i was drawn by your reference to Che and his belly button to read your piece on birthing.
    i find it amazing that someone who on the surface appears to be relatively well rounded
    and balanced, would so openly and indecretely stand in judgement of the right to choose.

    There are multiple references in your blog to the strength and determination of the women and the amazing and inspiring
    opportunities that this creates. i can not help but assert then, that this is a choice, like all of the other choices
    that we are so privileged to be able to make.

    i am sure that in your short time as a mother, you have already been faced with decisions which are a
    compromise on your "ideal", but have acted in the best interest of your child health and well being.
    i have not doubt that there a many mothers out there who have made similar decisions in relation to the entry of their
    child into this world.

    Perhaps we need to celebrate the wonderful achievement of balance by the mothers of today, rather than standing in
    judgement of the choice on of one day in a lifetime of child.