Thursday, March 5, 2009

hello autumn

how nice that you arrived so promptly.
we woke this morning to crisp air and blue sky.
and we knew, yes we knew that the seasons they were a changing.
that we'd soon have socks on our feet and soup on the stove.
the leaves will change, the clocks will change
and our world will be coloured in amber and ochre and rust.
good colours we think.
we like watching leaves fall from autumn trees.


  1. Oh yes how I love Autumn also...I can feel it just teasing us....I'm still torn however between prolonging our Summer and yearning for our Autumn....

  2. My season is opposite from yours.
    How I do love & miss autumn with all of her gorgeous earth tones ... Enjoy!

  3. Autumn is my very favorite season. It just seems like life slows down a bit...nature and myself. Enjoy your new season! :)

  4. Autumn is my favorite season. So beautiful and the perfect temperature.

    And here we have so much snow that we have run out of places to put it!

    Enjoy the beautiful weather!

  5. Curry and soup nights where everyone brings a pot - yummo.

  6. What a beautiful post!

    My favourite thing about autumn is the sudden temperature drop the moment the sun falls over the horizon. Everything feels crisp and clean. Drinking tea is so much nicer in autumn.

  7. Lucky lady--I miss autumn with all my heart! Stuck in the middle of winter, and would love a little autumn right now :)

    Beautiful photo!

  8. oh you are a lovely one....
    ... thanks for such a sweet message x

  9. mmmmm autumn.
    warm water.
    new swell.
    vivid colour.
    lingering days.
    cool nights return.

  10. Ah Autumn my favourite month. How pretty are Autumn leaves?

  11. love this writing. the socks on feet and soup on the stove part is perfect. my fav time of year

  12. What a lovely post. It is interesting to be heading into spring as you are preparing for autumn...