Monday, February 9, 2009

today our country isn't so lucky

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I remember standing in my backyard in January 1994. Our fear rose as we watched ash fall onto the grass. We had packed a few bags, we watched smoke in the sky...and lucky for us we didn't have to leave our home. The rain came, the fires were under control.

I cannot imagine the depth of the fear experienced by those Australians who were faced with a "tsunami of fire". And I cannot begin to imagine the deep aching sadness that comes with losing entire families. Or returning back to the place you called home and finding your entire town blackened - completely destroyed. I feel sick when I think of those families who tried so hard to escape in their car...but didn't make it out.

Those of us who are safe watch our televisions and see our Prime Minister in tears. And we know that this is by far the worst disaster experienced by our country. Ever.

And we wonder how we can help. What can we do?

For monetary donations please visit the red cross
If you can sew, make, create for children then please visit pip
Rach is also collecting handmade clothes and toys for children
A few lovely Melbournians have created an handmade help blog
To donate to save injured wildlife please visit wildlife victoria

As of now (Tuesday morning) the red cross have raised $13million.



  1. It is so devestating. Thankyou for your post and links to help.

  2. You are so right when you eloquently say we ``cannot begin to imagine the deep aching sadness'' so many Victorians are experiencing. I am certain everyone in Australia is sharing their pain.

  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected by this disaster. It is truly sad and I can't imagine what it would be like to go through something like this.

  4. my wishes go out for everyone's safety during this hard time.

  5. My heart breaks every time I think of's so heartening however to see so many banding together with thoughts and help.....

  6. The images and stories are heartbreaking. I can't begin to imagine the grief of the survivors. My thoughts and prayers are with your country as you begin the recovery process.

  7. I remember the fire's in '94 also. The back yard was covered in ash, almost like it was snowing. I was 9, Santa had just bought me a 'getto-blaster' (my pride and joy). I had it unplugged next to a bag with a towel, undies and two changers of clothes. I wore my swimmers to bed in case we had to evacuate in the night to the beach. My brother, sister and l were told over diner that our family plan if the fire was to get closer was to leave together with mum and go straight to the beach, Dad would stay to protect our home. It was the most scared l have ever been. And l never even seen a flame. My heart breaks every time i turn on the TV. So much devastation.

  8. jodi your care and affection towardsthe people of your country affected is so beautiful. the whole situation is heartbreaking

    kerri x