Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Amongst all the grief and sadness there are little bits of hope.
Like Sam, found by a CFA member, in desperate need of water. She drank 3 bottles...and has since fallen in love with a koala named Bob.
Do what I did - watch this, have a little cry, and find some hope.
Hope can also be found in the red cross tally - as of this morning $50million has been raised.
Visit handmade help too - where makers, creaters and crafters are coming together to raise much needed funds.
Think and dream that everyone affected will find their little bit of hope.


  1. I love how we tune into the same things here in blogging land! I posted that pic too with the same title - hope. It's so beautiful isn't it?
    They are selling prints of the pix too to raise funds for the CFA, a very good cause too I think.

  2. that is such a moving video. i'm sure it will become an icon of hope set amongst the countless horror images we are seeing. it nice to have a positive story to rest my eyes on for a moment thank you x

  3. It is so inspiring to see people coming together in the face of tragedy. The human spirit is amazing!

  4. this photo is incredible. my heart explodes every time i see it. i haven't watched the video because it seems like lately all i do is cry. maybe in a few days.

  5. Isn't that an amazing photo! Such a beacon of hope amongst such devastation...we can smell the smoke down here by the beach today, it's just aweful...

  6. What a wonderful image, human kindness.

  7. My beautiful jodes. Thanks so much for posting the link to that handmade help site. I have been looking for someway to help and now I can make some jewels for them!