Wednesday, April 9, 2008

rolling eating moving sniffling

Look at this great chair we now little chicken can eat with us, enjoy afternoon tea and stare blankly out the window waiting for a butterfly to flutter by. He doesn't like pumpkin or sweet potato (I'm devastated)...but I have worked out that when I mix it with rice cereal he is none the wiser. But sometimes he does look at me as if to say: "What in the world are you feeding me Mum?"
Poor little thing has just experienced his first cold - oh a snotty nose, a sniffle, watery eyes and lots of whinging. And then Daddy had to go and get sick too so you can imagine how fun our house has been for the last few days. Luckily Daddy's new projector arrived and we have been watching movies on the big white wall in our bedroom (I was hoping to hang a few pics up but I think I've lost the opportunity now). And thank goodness for olive leaf ensured a quick recovery for all of us (the pumpkin soup, lemon & honey tea and cuddles worked too).
And before you start thinking that we've just been lying about all week watching movies...look at this little mover. Yes, rolling under the table - rolling everywhere actually. We're bracing ourselves for the big move, the big crawl and I am transforming our home into a baby-friendly haven - trying my best to keep it looking beautiful without sacrificing Che's safety. I'm hoping this is the last post that will mention illness for a while...because it is only April and although it is autumn I would like a healthy winter please.

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  1. oh, those chairs are great, we had one for fin and willow, but unfortunately I gave it away in my "I'm not having anymore kids" phase, so now I'm wondering whether to go and get another one? Che is so cute! I love that rolling stage...has he gone awol yet? I can remember losing a certain little person underneath his cot once!