Wednesday, April 2, 2008

birthday kisses

Look at Chéby sitting up so nicely and leaning towards me, ready to share birthday kisses. He has been a little bit of a monster the last few days. Everyone told me that his sleep patterns may change when he gets to 6 months (his awareness heightens) but I was convinced my great little sleeper wouldn't budge from his routine. However, the night before my birthday he was awake at midnight, wide-eyed and ready to play. Yippee! I'm not talking about a bit of wakefulness - no, I walked into his room, he squealed in delight, started kicking his legs and flapping his arms. "It's morning" he was thinking..."I'm ready for the day." No no no! "It is night-time and time for sleep." This just proved to me that as soon as you think you've got everything under control it all changes. Probably the biggest lesson learnt for a first-time mum. Yesterday, in the evening, we had dinner at the best pizzeria near the beach and he was mellow and cute...and he only woke up once for some milk during the night. Cherub.
I was given some beautiful flowers for my birthday and today I realised how much brighter the house looks with flowers. Look at the absolutely gorgeous bird candles, a gift from the gorgeous girls, purchased from one of the most amazing boutiques in the world. Thankyou girls.
My lovely Dad gave me these wildflowers...he chose them himself - he is such a sweetheart.
And finally...I love this photo, I love the circles, I love the colours, I love the man who gave me these marie claire bowls for my 24th birthday...yes I love you Daniel Grey Smith.

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