Saturday, November 23, 2013

photography | antonia + family

I teach a pre-natal yoga class every Wednesday night and last week Antonia came along. It was the eve of her due date and as she flowed from one asana to the next I watched as her cheeks flushed pink and her exhales became gentle sighs. Braxton hicks or early labour - we weren't sure. After class we walked into the carpark and I mentioned that I had a new camera. If she was still pregnant the next day, perhaps I could take photos of her belly. 

This shoot was last minute and exactly what I wanted for my first family photography session. I didn't want to think (or stress) about it too much. I let the little blue-eyed girls lead the way as they ran up the beach and into the rock pools; giggling and squealing and splashing. When the air got cold and goosebumps appeared we knew it was time to go home.

Antonia, Glenn and the girls are still waiting for baby. 

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