Thursday, August 23, 2012

sakura bloom sling diaries - fun

We explore often; this beautiful land of ours with its green, blue and ochre palette. "Fun" is being outside in the open where the hills meet the shore, a mid-winter getaway to nourish and restore. The pebbles were in abundance so we skimmed them across the surface and built zen towers on the sand. Spiral seashells licked with salt, keepsakes in our pockets.

We sat and talked with friends and on the way back home we blew breath on dandelion flowers till there were only the stems - beautiful ephemera.

Over six chapters of the sling diaries I have celebrated babywearing in Australia. Poet has, in the past six months, been worn in the sling as we travelled and explored. From her perch on my hip she has seen three cities, country orchards, ancient bushland and sandy beaches. It's been a wonderful journey and such a blessing to have her close, just where she should be.

Tim, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for these captures. You did it, again. 

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