Monday, April 25, 2011

bump: stormy weather

28, almost 29 weeks. Buba pressed one whole foot into my hand last night - the connection was precious.

Apart from slight pregnancy insomnia I'm still feeling vitalised and generally well. When I was 15 weeks I went to visit a local naturopath who specialises in fertility, pregnancy and women's health. A few of my students had been to her to help them conceive and they seemed to have a certain glow about them as they grew their babies. I really wanted to do something for my wellness too. I didn't want to spend an entire nine months feeling sick and tired. Plus, I was also aware that with Che attending Montessori there would be a higher chance of catching viruses and bugs - I wanted to boost my immunity.

Within a week of visiting my naturopath, who subsequently listed a number of reasons as to why I was exhausted, prone to sore throats and getting reflux so early on in pregnancy, I felt the best I'd felt in years. And I'm not exaggerating. While I was breastfeeding Che I relied heavily on a coffee and sweet treats each day to boost my energy levels yet by 4pm I was exhausted. Constitutionally I run on nervous energy - I tend to be anxious, easily stressed, easily fatigued and will catch whatever bug is being passed around. If you know anything about Ayurvedic medicine, I'm typically vata. Because of all those cappuccinos and brownies I had an overload of sugar in my body which was subsequently affecting my digestive system.

I've been taking a gestation tonic for my and baby's wellbeing, a natural probiotic, a vitamin C powder plus a few extras for baby's development. Even though I'm pregnant I've got more energy than I have had since Che was born. I constantly feel well which makes being pregnant all the more enjoyable. Because of my lift in energy I'm not craving bad, sugary foods either which is good in so very many ways.

It came as no surprise to me that my body was out of balance. I'm so thankful that I listened to my self and made the commitment to see a naturopath, even though the financial cost is significant. It's been the best thing I've done and I'll continue to consult herbs when in doubt.

It's incredibly comforting to feel strong and well while growing new life.

Edit: For those of you interested, Naturopathy involves a practice called Iridology. My naturopath is Catherine Chan and she is a specialist in iridology. To give you an example of how profound the practice is - she managed to tell, from looking in my eyes, that my right breast was prone to blocked milk ducts when I was breastfeeding Che, that I'm hyper-flexible in my hips and that I'm easily agitated - as well as a list of other complaints. I told her that it sounded like I was falling apart and that I'm so grateful for yoga, otherwise I probably would have already fallen. Good luck to those of you seeking wellness. x


  1. How timely! Thank you for such a helpful post (and sweet comment on my blog), lovely Jodi.

    Friends kept telling me I'd be feeling better by 12 weeks, then 14, then 16...but it is still hanging around. Think I'd like to try this. I'll look forward to feeling strong and well. You look lovely.

  2. Love the first photo with the stormy backdrop... Winter is definitely on the way.
    And such a beautiful baby bump :)


  3. You are listening to your body! I totally ignore my body which is why I feel more like the fatigued person you were. Thanks for the reminder to go natural, dump the sugar (t-cell enemy) and ditch (or at the very least reduce) caffeine (stops you from resting when you need to). You look stunning bump and all! Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing xxx Fi

  4. Jodi, I've been reading your blog for a while now, but have never left a comment. I just wanted to say how beautiful your photos are. And you glow so much! I have a little girl, 7 months old now, and am relying on sugar and caffein way too much. I feel exhausted, tired, unwell. Visiting a naturopath sounds like a good idea. May I ask who your naturopath is? And what exactly do they do? All the best Jodi and take care, Sarah x

  5. Are you able to let me know the name of your naturopath? I will be trying to concieve my first baby soon and i also have Grave's Disease and want all the help i can get to grow a healthy bubba.
    Many thanks!

  6. I'm looking for a natural probiotic too, what brand did you go with? I think having an excuse to pay extra attention to my body has been one of my favorite things about pregn.
    Lovely stormy photos!

  7. That is so unreal, I really think this beautiful pregnancy of yours will be so inspiring others to get healthy and spiritual! I am on that sugar-tired-breastfeeding ride you mention. It sucks! I keep going off the sugar for a few weeks, only to find myself creep back on it. (My Dad is a naturopath so I really have no excuses.) Kellie xx

  8. Thanks a lot for the link to Catherine's website. I've been thinking about consulting a naturopath. I have a health niggle that I went to my GP about but wasn't happy with the advice. I felt there was no real investigation and knew, knew, the antidote was going to harm and it did. Ourimbah's a little out of the way for me so I'll take a look closer to home. Any advice or contacts closer to Avoca, Macs, Erina, Kinnie, East Gosford ... much appreciated.

  9. You look gorgeous!!
    Hey I recieved the headband from the giveaway last week. I love it! thanks for sending it, lovely photos!!

  10. Stunning photos! I love the one of you running from the water holding your bump... hehe
    That is really interesting about the iridology, I will have to have a read about it, sounds amazing.
    So nice to hear that you are feeling so well, makes pregnancy so much more enjoyable.
    Tahnks for taking the time to share your day xx

  11. just like you i tend to be anxious, easily stressed, and easily fatigued. i have been thinking of going to see a naturopath about it for a while i just haven't made it happen yet. my mama has been telling me to go and get myself back into balance. i put it off because, ya know, were paying a fortune for montessori and like you say going is not cheap. i am going to read this post to michael. i have been telling him it would benefit the whole family. thanks for sharing this jodi.

  12. I tried to make an appointment with Catherine but unfortunately she is no longer taking new clients, they have suggested i see her colleague Odette Harris, have you heard much about her? I'll probably make an appointment with her and see how she is as they said she can liase with Catherine if needed.

  13. @ freckles...

    Odette is lovely! You will be so very fond of her and I have no doubt she will give you the best advice.

    Good luck!

  14. You look amazing and that sweet boy of yours is too cute!

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  16. Those pictures look so nice!