Thursday, March 31, 2011

date night

the restaurant: quaint and unpretentious
the service: friendly. never pushy
the food: decadent, mouth-watering, devoured with love and gratitude
the conversation: funny
the opportunity: greatly appreciated
the dessert: ice cream at the local ice-creamery
the verdict: 10/10
the promise: to do it again before baby arrives


  1. Jealous much? Why yes. Yes I am.

    You look beautiful by the way!

  2. You look divine!
    I so need to take your lead. That was the first New Years' resolution on my list and it is now April and it is still unfulfilled.
    Have a wonderful weekend you 3.5. X

  3. Most excellent. Maybe best make the next one Date Afternoon? Aren't you and bump in bed before 9pm by now?

  4. We had our first date last Saturday for the first time in about 18 months. GOLD!

  5. It all sounds wonderful and much deserved. Your positively glowing! Must be the company as well as the pregnancy. :)

  6. Looks like a lovely place for a date night, and you look gorgeous!

  7. Hi Jodie. Such a treat and sounds like a beautiful evening. You are looking very wise I must say. We have not had a night off yet. Someday....
    take care
    Jill xx

  8. You look amazing. It sounds like a fabulous evening. xo.

  9. Is this place in Terrigal? I always go to the same restaurant for dinner whenever i'm there but it sounds like i should check out this place? You look so at peace!

  10. You have such a beautiful, peaceful space here. You are glowing in your pictures!

  11. Cute! We feel like crazy teenagers when when we go out now.

  12. @'s the letterbox restaurant in terrigal.