Tuesday, February 22, 2011

low tide

In between the days of reprieve where rain and cool temperatures are oh so welcome, the summer heat continues to bear down. Let's just say that I feel ten times more pregnant in the thick of the humidity. While I am practically inconsolable in the midst of the heat, I look at these photos and am reminded of the joy of warm weather and beach play. The tide was low and the reflections spectacular. After strawberry smoothies we walked down to the water to cool our feet, chase the seagulls and extend into Padottasana A. One of us, anyway. I preferred to sit quietly in stillness. It's becoming a favourite pastime; seeking the quiet and the stillness. And being 'here, now' in this moment. With my body, my breath, my baby.


  1. Just lovely. So wonderful to be still, to listen, to be.



  2. I love that you are posting more regularly. You remind me of how beautiful it was to be carrying a little one inside. Oh and of what it means to walk in the sand and feel the sea breeze and just temperatures above 0 in general. Enjoy!

  3. Lovely images. Jealous of your neighborhood!

  4. This heat is really oppressive, and I'm not even pregnant. Going down to the water is always the perfect solution though.

  5. beautiful, your recollections of that lovely day and the pictures.

    oh and your little one doing yoga! he put a smile on my face.

    happy weekend

  6. wow - gorgeous photo of you two on the beach.

    have a lovely pregnant time with your second - it is twice as delicious if that is possible.