Sunday, November 28, 2010

and the winner is

Life has been brimming with busyness and while I have had every intention of coming into this space there has always been something else that's more important. For now I'm focusing on what's most important and not what's urgent. I think it's a good season to remember such wisdom. We've been venturing to the beach but mostly staying home, taking the occasional stroll up and down the street and catching falling Jacaranda blooms in all their lavender goodness.

And although it's taken me an extra week to draw a winner, the lucky lady who will be receiving the udder brooch in the mail is Genevieve. Congratulations lovely. Please email me your address to jodiclairewilson @ yahoo (dot) com (dot) au


  1. I love this photo.

    Yes, a time to re-adjust our thinking. Slow down and enjoy our precious families

  2. i was getting worried about you...go lightly muma.