Sunday, May 23, 2010

random grey goodness

The grey of winter has rolled in exacerbating the grey/blue light of our home. It's cold and a little gloomy although surprise post always seems to brighten the mood. Sweet aura joon gifted me one of her gorgeous peace bags and since it arrived late last week I have used it everyday. She's a special one that aura, thoughtful and beautiful and totally inspiring. Her bag creation is a gem too - the perfect size, handmade with love and decorated with this:

p e a c e
it does not mean to be in a place where
there is no trouble, noise or hard work.
it means to be in the midst of these things
& still feel
c a l m i n y o u r h e a r t

Sigh. She's clever with her camera too - see postcard in photo two.

I'm a bit of a bag lady and must admit I travel like Mary Poppins - without the lampshade. I carry so much stuff with me but somehow I always feel that it's necessary. Wallet, phone, diary, notepad, pen, nappies, nappy wipes, water bottles, snacks, tissues, Aesop handcream (where would I be without it?), paw paw cream, novel, magazine, camera. I always find it particularly interesting to know what people carry with them every day. What's in your bag?

Other news: I baked oat & raisin cookies today and wrapped them in baking paper, tied with a bow. My fridge is full of fresh goodness, including these three beautiful eggs from Mama and Popa's chooks. I'm reading Brenda Walker's Reading by Moonlight: How Books Saved a Life and it's so good that I have to put it down every so often to make sure I don't finish it too quickly. She is the most eloquent writer I have come across in a long long time.

Lastly I stumbled across the rather new the wool maker and I immediately fell in love with its beauty and simplicity. One to bookmark.

I hope your Monday was good. And if your Monday is just beginning, I hope it turns out colourful.


  1. I love that bag! Thank you so much I found Aura Joon through your blog and I am in love with her blog & work x

  2. This may be the cutest Monday ever.

    PS. We have the Ida Pearle cards hanging in our play space too. My favorite is the boy with the butterfly net.

  3. oooo I love that hand cream and use it also! Doesn't it smell just divine? I'm going to put some on right now before I go to bed.

  4. It suits you, perfectly :) And spotting Che's little head full of bright curls in the background of that picture made me smile.

  5. Beautiful pictures Jodi. I have to admit I am grumbling about the cold, no, not so much the cold, the wet. I am grumbling about the wet this year. The damp over everything. I just want to open the house up, rug up and feel the dry chill of a country winter - the kind of winter I am used to and love.
    I have been hunting for the perfect bag - second hand if I can find it. I want something with a long strap that I can have across me, satchel like. I want it big enough to hold all I used to carry around in my basket (ditched because I am on and off trains a lot more these days and it doesn't work well in a crowded carriage) and not big enough for me to lose things in. I hate rummaging around like an disorganised dill. I am pretty organised about where things are in my bag. A dofor bag is part of the kit, with my paw paw, comb, lippie and little necessities. I, like you always have a novel to read. You never know when you'll have a little time on your hands.
    Oh, more rain. My garden will be loving it.

  6. Lovely photos and I will have to tell my friend that you linked to her new blog!


  7. That book sounds great. I'll have to add it to my ever-growing list.

    And thank you for your kind words!


  8. I love Aura, that girl is a true gem.

    I'm learning to travel light these days. But when I do need stuff I over pack...

    We have those same bookshelves separating our space, they work well like that, rather than against a wall – don't you think?


    PS. Beautiful photos, too.

  9. i love your home! (if that first picture is your home anyway!)

  10. Hi Jodi - are you still sending out those articles? I left a comment a while back with my contact info and never heard back. Can you please let me know, I'd love to get a copy.


  11. Such beautiful photos Jodi. I am like Mary Poppins as well I do a weekly clean out but it never really is empty. The diary, novel, "kids' quotes" book (I like to record the cute things the boys say), make up case, hand creme (Aesop as well), wipes, tisses, sunnies, wallet, phone matchbox cars, dinosaurs, blank pad and crayons are the essentials. See I carry it all no wonder my shoulders always are sore at the end of the day!!!!

  12. Hi Jodie - I don't know if you already know, but Brenda's book is on featured on tomorrow nights show: