Sunday, April 25, 2010

getting our feet wet

It is so unseasonably warm for late april but we took full advantage the last three days and headed to a quiet spot on the beach. Note that we found vintage tonka (I squealed when he found it and beamed again when it was $1) which is perfect for autumn beach days where Mummy doesn't have to worry about getting pure baby skin burnt. We frolicked in between splashing on the shore and climbing over the rocks. Every day we ate fruit salad and yogurt and came home feeling warm and glowing and so thankful for beautiful days.

My absence from here was not intentional and I've got so many things to write about that I probably should make a promise to post every day for a week. But I hate to break promises and I have a feeling that other things may get in the way. We'll see. We have been autumn cleaning because we're about to resign our lease and I figure if we haven't used something for the last three years we most definitely don't need it (I'm slowly but surely changing Daniel's hoarding habits). It is such an amazing feeling to see unwanted items disappear to new homes. I like to sigh a sweet exhalation when I think of all the free space in our home (and our heads). It's rather yogic to declutter your living space because 'things' merely cause distraction...but a candle, a book and a bunch of flowers can be so inspiring in their simplicity.

In honour of my cousin's 'happy homebirth' of her second daughter today I wanted to share these links with you:

Ella's full-bellied shots are the most beautiful I've seen. She's planning a lotus birth at home and is due soon.

Rach thinks she's having a boy

Sweet local girl Rach is due any shanti sukha om - peaceful & joyous birth


  1. Hey Jodi, Vintage Tonka trucks are amazing! I was very stoked when Grandma told us she had saved Daddy's Tonka truck from when he was a wee lad, and now Chilli has hours of loading and dumping fun with it. The Autumn days are quite mildly nice atm aren't they! Glad you are enjoying. I like your thoughts on simplicity, lovely. And thank you for the links to the gorgeous belly pics. Ina May is apparently putting together a documentary just recently filmed at 'The Farm'. Looking forward to seeing that.!/pages/Ina-May-Gaskin-Documentary/112230522124867

  2. Funny.....I have been doing the de cluttering too....maybe it is the vibe of this time of year. What a great find for a tonka bargains!

  3. love the photos! and the tonka truck :)

  4. Beautiful beach days, ahhh how I miss the beach!

  5. Autumn beach days are just divine, aren't they? Especially when the weather is still warm enough to swim in. I also can't wait until winter beach days, to rug up and get the wellies out...

    Love your new look blog too, nice big photos! x