Tuesday, March 16, 2010

all good again

Only a few hours after I wrote my last post I had to take Daniel back to emergency (it was 2am...it wasn't fun). He had an allergic reaction to the painkillers and was violently sick. We were there till 7am. When we walked out of the hospital I prayed that we wouldn't be returning anytime soon. So far, we haven't. I'm so incredibly thankful to our wonderful parents who managed to drop everything to look after Ché. I can't imagine how much harder it would have been if I had to entertain a toddler. (And just to clarify, a few of you thought it was Ché who was sick, probably because I referred to Daniel as 'baby'. Yes, Daniel and I are in love and call each other 'baby'...thank goodness it wasn't my little Ché baby who was ill).

Apart from exhaustion, piles of washing and a messy house (I can't believe how quickly it turns from tidy to chaos if you don't pay attention to it) we're all good again. The beautiful calm after such nerve racking days. Sigh.

It's quite easy to relax right now actually - our autumn days are pretty spectacular. Gloriously sunny days with crisp mornings and cool nights. Ideal really. Daniel recently purchased a used Nikon SLR from ebay with some amazing lenses. He's been snapping away and these photos (above) are the results. They're not photo-shopped either - that's true vibrant colour.

It still astounds me how quickly little people grow. Over the hospital weekend I didn't really see Ché for three days and now he's home talking in sentences and playing so wonderfully. I love those moments where you get to observe without being seen, and in his own language he's creating a world of play that is only his. I really do love my boys.

PS. For those of you wondering about neti - nasal cleansing - you can read more here
I wouldn't recommend it for children.


  1. Great news! Glad to hear all is well again.

  2. I'm so glad to hear he's better! I'm curious what camera and lenses you guy have....want to share the details?

  3. Glad he's feeling better. Poor guy, I've had sinusitis off and on for over a year now, the worst part is once you have it it comes back easily. The neti pot definitely works, but it stings soooo much so he must be very very brave. I'm not all the time. Also, if Daniel practices yoga as much as you do I highly recommend no inversions when his sinuses are acting up (even down dog) as this really brings the headaches on. Che looks like he's having fun in the last water days of the season. xo m.

  4. Oh my. What a time you've had. I'm glad to hear Daniel is on the mend...
    Beautiful photos by the way!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear you ended up at the hospital again, but glad all is well.

    Beautiful photographs, I love the one of Che with the garden hose.

    Autumn days are divine. We're so lucky to have this weather. xx

  6. pleased to hear that you are all now well! Che looks like he is haveing fun and growing up quick! Looking forward to seeing you all in December. Spring has finally sprung here ..... about a month late! Love to all J x

  7. Good to hear all's back on track. Ya gotta take the good with the bad.
    Now, is that a film camera? I miss mine, the light, oh that light. I don't think I've ever got it just right with digital.

  8. oh jodi, I'm so glad everything's ok again. Reminds me of the week before I had jasper, in and out of hospital with willow (mystery virus). We were in hospital until 1am the night before jasper was born and back there at 6am! So exhausting. Take care of each other and be well. xx

  9. stunning images....the drinking taps bring back wonderful school memories :-)

  10. my fingers are crossed too that you won't need to return to the hospital. good you're all on the mend. take care as i know you will.
    gorgeous photos.