Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the boy

since the haircut i can see a little boy. no more baby. and i have a much better idea of what he will look like when he gets older. aren't little boys just the most adorable little things. Someone asked him what he wanted for Christmas the other day and without hesitation he said: 'truck'. Of course, why would he want anything else? But we have so many trucks and i love them all but it's time for something a little different. So I bought this (his grandparent's helped) and am enjoying collecting the accompaniments - chef's apron, food, etc.

Apparently all that matters at the moment is blue wellies and a ukulele. Because, why wouldn't you want to wear gumboots in 35degree weather? I have stopped questioning and am just excepting it as the fashion of choice for the two-year-old that melts my heart.

Christmas is all about the magic - magic for the children. And us mamas and dadas are the angels that make it happen. This reminder changed it all for me.

What are you doing to make it magical?


  1. breathing deeply and not engaging with the three going on four will! Enjoy two - it is beautiful - three is beautiful but so strong willed in our house. We make a wreath 7 days before christmas and count down the days by lighting one more candle each day in the wreath till christmas day. Also we only put up the tree on christmas eve - can you imagine the excitement?!

  2. what a sweetheart :) our fashion of choice (hers not mine) for the 2yr old has been bathers - for a bout a year or so...waiting for her to g r o w out of it!

  3. that oven is so cute. i can't wait until my little one is old enough to enjoy such a thing. i can understand his love for the boots- they are so cute and very becoming on him. xo m.

  4. Oh yes I remember a haircut not to long ago that resulted in a little boy here too.
    Lots of Moulin Roty love in this house as well....great gift Jodi.
    Loving your tree also...we have had a few like that over the years...nice to shake things up creatively. Your angel looks particularly lovely!

  5. I am so jealous - he will be so excited, even if he is still storing trucks in the oven

  6. We totally got Emmett a kitchen too!!!....and yes, little boys are so adorable......xo, j

  7. That comment about the boots. Funny, I looked at the first pic, and thought: "goodness, how is he managing to wear those in this heat". Too sweet. Yes, it is an odd time when that boy face emerges.

  8. So cute. Hugo loves his gmboots, and pairs them with undies and a black bonds tee, a great look!

    He will love the oven, what a gorgeous gift!

    It's summer solstice today, we'll be looking for magic and leaving gifts for the fairies.