Sunday, December 13, 2009

monday summer pics

crinkled summer dresses and a grey day outside.
perhaps a little how i feel.
trying not to get overwhelmed by the Christmas frenzy.
trying to stay grounded and calm and be grateful for what we already have
and who we have
the fresh Christmas trees sold out on the weekend.
so we don't have a tree.
wish i could have been a little more prepared for advent.
there's still time to bake and wrap and hug.
and that sounds good to me.


  1. What about a Christmas fern? Just something little to put gifts under - if you do gifts.

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  3. Another gorgeous pic.
    I jumped on board again this week.

  4. That vintage dark blue dress is just gorgeous. So sorry about the tree, I dropped the ball on advent this year too.

  5. Still got any fairy lights? I find fairy lights can make everything exciting. And they say the weather will clear up can wear that beautifully crinkled grey dress on the left. x

  6. So pretty! And yes there are so many more important...and simpler things! x

  7. Oh love love those gorgeous dresses..and Manns Rd i saw trees for sale there yesterday. Ask your dad to have a look tom if he is over this way. Otherwise I will have a look for you, i am sure we can find you guys a tree.

  8. why not a dead tree branch.... or buy an established native and then plant it somewhere!
    love your dresses.... hope your grey feeligs have passed.
    keep smiling :)

  9. you could make one of those trees out of big sticks and twigs that che could help you collect and then place them in a big vase and decorate it. That would be fun.