Saturday, April 25, 2009

geisha girl

this morning, over coffee, i chatted with a friend.
and with envy listened
to her stories of Japan.

kids with Mohawks,
cherry blossom trees.
auburn hair and fake eyelashes;
doe-eyed beauties.

she tells me that one day
in the gion district
she saw a real-life geisha girl.

she was star-struck, my friend
and she followed this geisha
for two whole blocks.

mesmerised by the perfection
the hair
the intricacy of her being

it was only the other day
while sorting through my cupboards
that i found my photos.

i explored the geisha for my final artwork in high school
the artist as the artwork.
i was intrigued.
i still am.


  1. Gorgeous, stunning photographs.

    I too have always been intrigued with geishas. Their beauty and poise. The women behind the masks.

    Have you read Memoirs of a Geisha?

  2. Lovely photos. People are really into Japan aren't they? I've never had a desire to go, but as I read of bloggers who are fans of all things Japanese, I am starting to see the appeal.

  3. oh fantastic. brilliant photos. and i knew it was you the first moment i saw them.

  4. gorgeous photos full of intrigue, those messy fingers perhaps hinting at something dark

  5. Stunning photos Jodi. You've captured a Geisha's beauty and mystery perfectly.


  6. Oh yes so intriguing! Stunning photo's.

  7. These are great pics. Sigh, Japan would be wonderful to day:)

  8. Fabulous tip. Thanks. I love a good book exchange. Maybe if I take in some of the books I've read I can justify getting more. Arghh, the no books thing is driving me batty. How you feeling now, hon? Brighter?

  9. love the photos...what an interesting topic you chose to explore. I'm fascinated by the Japanese aesthetic too.