Monday, December 1, 2008

twig light, star bright

And so a pile of twigs, fallen from gum trees, became stars that hang so beautifully in our window. I like them, I do. All different sizes, the twigs joined with hemp cord, and hung with silver matte ribbon. It looks like a little one has made them - I like that organic, homemade, found-stuff-in-the-garden crafting. It's beautiful in its simplicity.

Sadly, we're not decorating a tree this year. Why? Because I have visions of a certain 14-month-old laying flat under a fallen tree and unintentionally getting wrapped in fairy lights. I also see baubles scattered about the place, broken branches and a very frantic Muma.

And so I took to decorating our mantelpiece instead, the feature being the gorgeous advent calender train that Che was given on his first Christmas - something that we will look forward to displaying every December for many, many years to come. Today I lit my Christmas candle so the scent of cinammon, sweet orange, cloves and nutmeg fills the house and I wrote a list of neighbours and friends who will be treated with cookies, well-wishes and good cheer. It was hot today - basking in Summery warmth is a sure sign that Christmas is approaching. The cicadas are singing too...Summer is here.

See that bronze plaque below our mantelpiece? I first saw it when Daniel and I went to breakfast one morning when I was 38 weeks pregnant. It was stuck on the brick wall next to the table we were sitting at. It was covered in brown paper. Daniel started to rip the paper. It says:

Will you marry me

On the 30th May 2006 Daniel and Jodi had their first date.
16 months later he asked her to marry him at the same table of the same cafe.


  1. Lovely :)
    I have an 18 month old. A friend just gave me a 7ft Christmas tree on Sunday I have the same vision of my 18 month old lying under tangled in chrissy stuff. So I have a vase up high with torched willow in it and Im going to hang things of that :)..

  2. That plaque is so sweet! What an amazing way to be proposed to.

    I love the advent train. It's perfect!

  3. Beautiful proposal! It gave me goosebumps to read that! I love to hear about your summery christmas approaching, it feels so strange but at the same time strangely familiar getting ready for christmas in the cold.

  4. Oh that Daniel...swoooooon!
    OK, back to reality...grab a X'mas tree branch & hang it above the table or on a wall I reckon.
    Oh above the door would look great too! XXxx

  5. Oh you made some stars! Great....they are so lovely aren't they? Mine will be gracing our garden year 'round.
    Your mantle looks beautiful....and that plaque....well....heart melting!

  6. Hi Jodi, thanks for visiting my blog!

    I love your proposal story - that is so sweet. And I'm a big fan of that advent calendar - I'd love one for Jett!

  7. That plaque is such a beautiful story, just lovely!
    In fact your whole mantle looks rather special.

  8. awww...
    I don't know if it's the season or the stars but I'm in such an absurdly romantic state these past few days.
    You my dear, have only made me even mushier.

    And IMO, you should try the tree thing. We did when our's was 6 & then 18 months & had no problems. There is such magic & wonder in a huge, glorious, sparkling tree in your lounge room that the gentle reminders of 'just looking', & one special bauble kept aside for touching were enough.

    Happy Summer x

  9. Love the plaque. That is such a cool idea.

    The stars are gorgeous - very clever.

    And the train is fantastic. I bet Che will LOVE it.

  10. oh what a beautiful way to propose! i'm all choked up...:) and a beautiful pen drawing by the lovely che. gorgeous photos too. thanks for the beauty once again...:)

  11. Another touching post Jodi, I'm quite teary. Thank you for sharing such beautiful thoughts.


  12. Yep, brilliant proposal! I am so glad that I saw this post as I was going to have a full r=tree and had forgotten what that would mean for my visiting 14 month year old niece from AUS! You forget as they get older. Gives me a great excuse to buy a live tree and stick it on a table.

  13. What a lovely romantic story, it made me smile to read it. And I love your twiggy stars, very creative : ) My partner and I don't have children but we don't have a tree either - instead I usually hang some decorations from a piece of ribbon across a window, and decorate with other little bits and pieces throughout the house. Your story reminded me that I have fairy lights somewhere in the house that I should find and plug in!

  14. ack! that is the absolute sweetest plaque ever.
    i also love the twig stars. so natural and clever.

  15. Oh my goodness that is so terribly romantic. What an amazing family heirloom your beautiful little boy will have.

  16. Great proposal! And a lovely memento.

    We have a big Christmas tree up at our place for the first time in 3 years. My Caleb is 4 now and the Jemima 20 months. She has potential to get into it, but seems to follow Caleb's lead in leaving it alone- and she gets dobbed on when she touches it!

  17. I spotted the plaque in the photo and am so pleased you said what it was. It's a fantastic proposal. You've got one creative fella there. The twigs caught my attention. Lovely. Simple. I keep cutting flowers to bring inside and keep them until well past spent. I like their decay.

  18. The plaque is so sweet!!!!!!!!