Tuesday, November 4, 2008

30 days of gratitude : 28

Remember when you had a newborn and you found it hard to imagine that little bundle as a moving, giggling, wriggling, social little creature? You were so stuck in the awe of new parenthood that for a while you didn't think about parenting a toddler. You momentarily forgot that soon you would be chasing your little one around a park.

I'm just beginning to realise that while the present moment is so much fun there is always that next stage to get excited about. And as you can see we have officially reached the 'park' stage. Yes, we are a park family. We love it. Swinging, sliding, round-a-bouting till our hearts content. Watching Che observe, chat and play with the other kids is just gorgeous - he's pretty passionate about fun. And Daniel and I are loving the fact that we can be kids again too - swinging higher and higher and higher...play date anyone?

Earlier today I read that Michelle was starting a little market in her village and I got all sad about the fact that we don't really have a villagey atmosphere in our neighbourhood. We live on a gorgeous country-esque street with cottage gardens and horses but no little piggies going to market anytime soon. And then, like someone had heard my pleas, while driving home I notice a beautiful big sign on the school fence at the end of our street. "Village Market - 3rd Saturday of every month" ... dream come true, I am bursting with excitement. The basket is all ready to go.

Gratitude today for life in the park and at the market.


  1. I love local markets. They promote such a good feeling of community.

  2. parks and markets, yep, they are something be grateful for, esp with toddlers! So glad to hear you have found a local market - what would a community be without a market/meeting place?

  3. We are up for a park date....daddy's and all should be in.
    They are lovely pics and little man is growing so much. I am on for the markets. Can you let me know when it is on next. We will come.

  4. How perfect!! That is great news about the market.

    And that park looks wonderful - what great little rides - so cute. Che looks so happy!

  5. Let us know where the Village Market is (email me) as I would love to know! I lived in Hobart for a long time, in Battery Point, so I was spoiled by having Salamanca Market on my door step. I was lucky enough to have it there as my local 'store.' How I miss it...

  6. How lovely to find a local market near you, and just when you were thinking about one too. Funny how things like that happen.
    Looks like you had a great time at the park!

  7. how fun are parks! when i first started looking after children i was so excited to go to the playgroud and play with them. Two years later i still appreciate the park, wide open spaces for loud happiness to be expressed, nice shady trees to sit under and watch the world go by... my heaven

  8. That's great news about your market!

    Our market will be held in a beautiful park with swings and tree houses so we get the best of both worlds!