Friday, May 16, 2008


I love it when you go to the letterbox and find lovely things inside.

Today I received my first postcard from Kiri - sent from a small coastal town in Portugal. She is loving each day of her travels and when writing the card was about to head off on a road trip before settling down for one month where she will work, live and play on an organic fruit & vegie farm in Spain. Sigh.

Finding the postcard made my day and reminded me how unusual it is to find a handwritten note in the mail. I am inspired to send more letters (the old fashioned way). It's sad that I had to use the term "old-fashioned" when describing a letter - oh dear! I feel an urge to buy lots of yummy stationary, pens and pencils. I found an old shoebox at mum and dad's house last week and it was full of my diaries and letters from high-school. There were also some old notebooks that I hadn't used because I loved the print on the paper so much. I never had many dolls as a girl but I always loved stationary. A box of derwent pencils and some fresh paper would always make my day.

The letterbox also gave me a new book that I purchased from ebay last week. A 1974 edition of Prenatal Yoga and Natural Birth by Jeannine Medvin (now Jeannine Parvati Baker). I read this book during my pregnancy and loved it. It is written by a true hippy/yogini - references to conception as a cosmic union are plentiful - and the descriptions of yoga postures have expanded my knowledge. This first edition is such a treasure with beautiful drawings, photos and words. It once belonged to a woman named Nan Yamng and was purchased from Noahs Ark Bookshop, 96 Keen St, Lismore. I will share some of Jeannine's words in my prenatal yoga class tomorrow morning.


  1. I'm with you on the stationery, always been a paper lover! The book looks amazing, I love the cover. I've just started yoga again, and I'm really loving it, just wish I'd started earlier.

  2. I just found this pre-natal yoga book on ebay, i've been trying to find it for a couple of months! I can't wait for it to turn up in my letterbox!