Monday, March 31, 2008

happiness =

Happiness = a vase of pink dahlias
Happiness = Ché sleeping in the same cot I slept in as a bub
Happiness = a patchwork teddy, a drum, a toy elephant, blue felt elf shoes, mala beads

I taught a beginners yoga class this evening and an elderly couple sat in the front row. They were very cute and smiled at me throughout the 90minute class. It's nice when your students smile - it's reassuring, I feel blessed to be in their space, sharing in their happiness. They probably didn't realise this but almost every one of their movements were in sync. And when they were lying down for a guided relaxation to complete their practice, they begun to breathe in unison. It must be love. And happiness.

It is wonderful to be introducing people to yoga and it is fascinating to watch one, four maybe even 11 people slowly release, relax and let go. If you're reading this perhaps you can become aware of the way that you are sitting. Roll your shoulders back and down. Lift the crown of your head towards the ceiling. Relax your face. Focus on your breathing for the next 20 breaths and mentally repeat "let" as you inhale and "go" as you exhale. Spend a few moments just letting go.

Awareness of breath & body is happiness. Yoga creates happiness. Om Om Om.

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