Saturday, November 24, 2012

garden 2 plate

On the fringe of Bouddi National Park, just across from the water, is a somewhat simple cafe complete with open verandah and abundant herb garden. Garden 2 Plate beckons with its back-to-basics food; locally grown at just-around-the-corner Green Gate Farm. 

Dictated by seasonal produce, the small yet enticing vegetarian menu changes daily. Expect bagels, burgers and sourdough, an array of organic fresh veg and homemade accompaniments. If you're a keen gardener you can take home herb seeds left by local green-thumbs and if you're just interested in the coffee, well, it's definitely worth the visit. 

Garden 2 Plate is just what the coast needed; an authentic, rustic cafe with the very best of food intentions.

Design aesthetic: overgrown village shack   Coffee: locally sourced, strong, superb

Sydneysiders....Garden 2 Plate is only 20 minutes from Palm Beach (by ferry) - the perfect family outing. I highly recommend the quesadilla with beans, cheese and spinach, salsa, sourcream and jalapenos (and a side of organic greens from the garden). 

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