Sunday, August 19, 2012

welcome home

Early Tuesday morning my little brother comes home. When he left last June I was 36 weeks pregnant with Poet so he's coming back to a significantly bigger family. Lucky for us his gorgeous English girlfriend has a one-year visa so we get to delight in her loveliness, intelligence and sweet accent - we can't wait to meet you Imogen!

Josh claims he hasn't had a good coffee in over a year so I'd say our first stop will be an inner-city cafe (I can't wait to go to The Grounds of Alexandria). We'll be spending a few nights in an apartment on Pitt St so we'll play tourists in our own town and hopefully Daniel and I will sneak away for a quick meal at Mr Wong (we haven't been on a date since Poet was born..I think it's about time). 

Airport reunions are one of my all-time favourite things so I'm not surprised that I've got butterflies about tomorrow. Josh, if you read this before your flight, we'll be the ones with the helium balloons (Mum's idea!).

And Immy's mum...just wanted to say that we'll take really good care of her...we promise. 

I always watch this beautiful clip when I feel like a cheer-me-up (or a little cry!)

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