Tuesday, August 14, 2012

from the south coast: the 1950s cottage

While away we stayed in a gorgeous newly-renovated 1950s cottage in Kiama - complete with a beautiful frangipani tree and an abundant vegie garden (broccoli, limes, kumquats and parsley). I like to play "if this was my house I would..." and so I revelled in the galley kitchen, open-plan living and corner sash windows that received the most glorious morning light. We barbecued our breakfast and spent lazy mornings watching the Olympics before we headed out.
Daniel and I joked about the fact that our family holidays could also be referred to as..."a tour of the region's playgrounds." Most days we would head to a new park to trial the swings and watch a very fearless Poet throw herself down the slide (that girl, she is going to do amazing things to my nerves). Our favourites included the new and rather amazing playground at Coronation Park (ocean-side) on Manning Street in Kiama and the web-like Spiderman-worthy park in Gerringong. 

We've been fortunate to go on a couple of holidays this year for work/play and there's few things that make travelling with children that bit easier. Whenever we book accommodation I make sure there's a washing machine (less clothes to pack, a smaller washing pile on return home) and a bath (for instant calm and to induce sleep). I always pack lunch boxes full of food for the trip including sandwiches, rice crackers and fruit (the remnants of seaweed crackers are littered over the back seat of my car - hmmmm) but I'm still keen to discover other travelling snacks - any suggestions?

For Che I pack a bag of books, paper, crayons and some balloons (instant entertainment that, hopefully, lasts for days) and Poet is usually happy with the tupperware containers and just-gathered rocks and shells from the beach. Tell me, what are your must-have items for family holidays? 

Poet wears black linen overalls c/o eco bohemia

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