Saturday, August 11, 2012

from the south coast: a winter getaway

We like holidaying in the low-season when the beaches are empty and it's just the locals in town. The wintry, blustery goodness of a seaside escape was just what we needed; no deadlines, books instead of computers, all the time in the world to let the wind tussle our hair.  

When we felt like wandering away from the shore we drove to Berry where the main street offered so much delight. I'm pleased to say that this sweet country town lived up to its reputation (and to all those features in Country Style). 

Beautiful nature is everywhere on the South Coast so here's my guide to the eateries and shops that will satisfy your tastebuds and empty your wallet:
  • berry sourdough cafe is a renowned artisan bakery located in a rustic century-old building. The food is sublime - great coffee, rich pastries and just-baked sourdough (white, wholemeal, rye...) but the service....hmmmm. If I were you I'd go to their just-opened...
  • milkwood bakery on the main street. There you can get beef bourguignon pies topped with croissant-worthy pastry, pear and ginger tartlets, exquisite brownies and the full range of woodfired sourdough breads without having to wait hours to eat it.
  • fancy seafood of the same high quality? Head to Gerroa where the blue swimmer offers a European-inspired bistro setting (dine-in and takeaway). Try the beer-battered fish, amazing burgers and homemade aioli (Daniel may have said something akin to: "Jodi, you have eaten a lot of aioli today." - it was good aioli)
  • I had read so much about Roots and Wings so I was a little excited to finally visit this stunning boutique. It was full of rustic, minimalist homewares and contemporary organic-inspired clothes in a spring/summery colour palette. I declined the offer to try on the $580 maxi skirt (it was amazing) and purchased a bassike striped top (you can never own enough stripes) and a basil, lime and madarin candle-in-a-glass-jar instead.
  • Perhaps my favourite part about Berry was Lisa Madigan's The Store....more on this white-washed gem next week (but a visit there did result in my latest scarf - see above).
Have you spent time on the South Coast? If so, what's your favourite thing about it?

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