Tuesday, April 6, 2010

easter eggs cure writer's block

che kneading hot cross buns (cross bums) dough at steiner playgroup

I can already feel the easter eggs on my love handles. I ate three today because I was suffering the dreaded writer's block and sugar is the only cure. Three of Haighs which are so delectable I think I may have licked the foil wrapper - I didn't, but imagine needing the chocolate scraps that much...

We had a blissful Autumny weekend - birthday goodness followed by lazy days, a few yoga classes, bookshop perusing and the first pumpkin soup of the season. Friends visited with their gorgeous 11-week-old Evie Rose and my heart melted. Today I 'worked' from home and it felt good.

Ché is having trouble pronouncing bun and so he calls the infamous hot cross buns....cross bums. I laugh every time. I've even been caught getting them out of the pantry and asking him what they're called. Just so I can hear him say it.

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  1. So so cute.

    The latest from The Little One, that makes me giggle, is "ernie and burp" for ernie and bert.