Sunday, September 7, 2008

yoga on sundays :: our teachers

Many yogis follow the spiritual teachings of a guru. Many gurus honour and respect the presence of the teachers that have come before themselves.

Our first teacher is our Mother.
Our second teacher is our Father.
We learn from many teachers in our life, in childhood, through adolescence and adulthood.

Today, here in Australia, is Fathers Day. What did your Dad teach you?

My Dad taught me to tread gently on the earth and encouraged in me a love of Mother Nature. And now I teach Che those same things.

Today was Daniel's first Father's Day. A recognition and celebration of (almost) one whole year of endless love, guidance and nurturing. He is a beautiful Dada and I feel blessed to be sharing this parenting journey with him.


  1. Great photos, and a thought provoking post - thank you.

  2. Beautifully said. Love the little red wagon, it reminds me of one I shared with my brothers when I was little : )

  3. A great post, such lovely sentiment.

  4. hooray for the dads! They add their own dimension to nurturing. My dad is the thoughful, gentle type who always takes time to listen.