Friday, September 12, 2008

party time

I'm organising a birthday party for Ché. I admit that it's probably more for my amusement than his. I know that he'll enjoy the balloons and sweet treats but in creating this celebration I am hoping to create a memory. I know that one day, sometime soon, he will look at photos of his 1st birthday party and see love and happiness. I hope so.

It is also a chance for family and friends to gather and to recognise the part they have played in Ché's first year. A chance to "play games and eat yummy food" and the perfect opportunity to dress-up...and make a teepee.

As I plan this little 'do I am spending much of my time reflecting on the past year and subsequently feeling slightly emotional. It just goes so fast. I am busily finishing his photo album and collecting thoughts in his 'baby book'. I am thinking about the big belly I had this time last year and the rising anticipation that was so palpable. I am reflecting on the incredibly clear memories of labour and birthing - the rise and the fall of contractions, the deep breathing, the soft haze surrounding my whole being. And of course, those fragile moments after birth when I first held him to my chest, my heart. He cried and as soon as Daniel started talking he stopped his wailing and looked straight into Daniel's eyes. It was a magic moment - immediate recognition of his father.

One year on and I'm feeling the need to celebrate. Indeed, a wonderful year.


  1. Awww gosh, that is such a sweet invite! You will have a great time.

    It does go so fast, and second time around goes even faster!! Spooky.. I am always having teary moments when I realise my babes are growing up before my very eyes. If only we could capture them at this age for a little longer.

  2. I know how quick those first moments pass and they do just gain momentum. I just try and fit in as many hugs and kisses while he is still cool enough for them to be ok. Congrats on making the most of your first year together.

  3. Jod's,

    You lovely thing, your boy is so rich with all the love and time you give him.

    I cannot wait to share his first birthday with him. Jasper and Mabel are soooo excited.

    Special little man is one.
    Time is too fast passing.

    Love you

  4. So lovely, I hope you all have a very memorable day!

  5. Gorgeous invites Jodi - you're right 1st birthdays are probably more about the parents, it's such an exciting celebration. I remember Ella being most taken with having bubble blown inside.

  6. hope you had a great day. It's great to be able to reflect on that wondrous first year. It does fly by.