Thursday, September 4, 2008

30 days of gratitude : 2

It's difficult to feel grateful when a tummy bug invades your home. That awful kind of bug that starts on the baby, then travels to the Daddy and eventually to the Mummy. And just as Bub is feeling like he wants to play and eat again his parents are wiped out with exhaustion and deliberating over a single slice of vegemite toast.

Yes, it was awful and now I can write this and be oh so grateful for good health. And for breastfeeding. It brought me so much comfort to know that even if Baby Ché wasn't interested in food he was still drinking enough milk - milk that would help him heal. So grateful.

Grateful also for Grandmas and their deliveries of chicken noodle soup, fresh muffins, lemonade and a bunch of tulips.

You can tell from the polaroid taken this afternoon that my little snugglepot (good resemblance eh?) has stayed pretty close to his Muma these last few days. What a shock to the system it must be for a little one to feel sick in the tummy. And now that he has been sick I truly believe what I have been told - that a child's awareness heightens after sickness and all of a sudden they are much more aware of the world around them. Today I looked at him and believed he was almost one - he is so dreamy, so interested...wondering and pondering.

So now I do plan to catch up on 30 days of gratitude in September and start enjoying spring - although our grey, windy cold weather wasn't very enticing today.

I'm grateful also for the wonderful thing that is karma. Earlier in the week I was having terrible problems with blogger and the formatting of my blog (don't copy text from a word doc to a blog post - it mucks up the html). Kindly, Michelle from Leni and Rose offered me endless advice over emails. Just so happens that her name was pulled out of the hat for the clothkits giveaway. No surprise really...she deserves it.


  1. Beautiful pic of your little one, he does look a lot like his mummy : )
    I hope everyone in the house is feeling much better now. your grandma's sound ace...mine are just too far away for such lovely deliveries when ill : (. And I do agree karma IS a wonderful thing!

  2. Ahhh such a gorgeous shot (another one!). Love that cuddly little bundle. Hope you guys are better soon.

    Great news that Michelle won - she so wanted it, brillliant!

  3. Oh dear. Tummy bugs are the worst!
    Oh yay! It's gone away...
    Thank-you so much for visiting us, I just LOVE your blog.
    May I add you to my link list? Xxx

  4. Oh, I hope you guys are feeling much better, poor things. I've been so grateful for breastmilk again lately, with our umpteenth dose of sore throats...if only I could give it to all of them!!

  5. Unreal!!! I am so super, over the moon, deliriously excited about winning this!!!! Thanks heaps, I can't wait to make it. It's just gorgeous!!!

  6. And glad to hear everyone is getting over the tummy bug. It's such a drain...poor little guy...

  7. Hi there! Another blogging local and I have a good friend who knows you...Small world here on the Coast. Haven't done yoga for years and keep looking at my Janet Balaskas book and wishing I still did...Sadly a bit overweight and out of shape these days.

    I see my mate 'Poppy and Mei Days' has visited you - its an even smaller world here in the blogging circle.

    I am thinking of arranging some kind of catch up for Coast blogger/crafter types, once I have moved that is. I shall no doubt be back to visit you again. Glad the tummy bug has passed - we have been trying to avoid this horrid cold that is going around.

  8. PS - And you 'visit' darling Anna (Along Grifin Creek' - I am contantly amazed by the links in this blogging world. It really does make us all seem that little bit closer together in what can sometimes feel like a big world...

  9. Hey Jodi, thank you for a beautiful post - and your baby is gorgeous!

    I wrote several pages about being grateful on my web site - I thought that they might help you on your 30 Days of Gratitude goal:

    All the best!


  10. that is an adorable photograph.
    everything rings true and close to home for me - i absolutely agree with the awareness and growth transformations for little ones after being sick. i noticed this mostly after fevers.
    happy to hear you are on the up. it is a rough cycle. Thank goodness for helpful grandmas.
    your 30 days of gratitude project is inspiring. i look forward to it.