Sunday, May 18, 2008


One of the most amazing things that Che has taught me is that it is perfectly OK to daydream. To spend at least ten minutes dreaming while twidling your thumbs. I am a daydreamer, a muser...often caught out because I'm not listening when someone is speaking to me. When I was pregnant I would spend hours in our swinging chair, just thinking, while staring at the trees in the backyard. Che has started to watch his fingers make patterns and shapes, linking one finger with the next, sneaking peeks at the sky. He is fascinated...I am fascinated. It was only last week that I decided to crochet him a blanket - I was thinking of reds and blues. Only a few days later there was a garage sale down the road and I found this lovely bundle of goodies, including this well-loved blanket, perfect for keeping our feet warm. The blue cons are a present from Riley to Che. Daniel and I are thrilled that a mini pair of Converse high-tops have made their way into our home.

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