Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i am an airplane

This face has been a pretty common one for the last week. A terrible cold made its way into our home and poor Baby C got it. Last Saturday morning I was, for the first time, walking around the dark house at 1am trying to settle a very agitated and sick little bunny. You feel so helpless as a parent when your little one is sick. It broke my heart to see him all snotty and miserable - he didn't let me go for about five days. Oh the drama of it all! Even a green, flashing, musical Fisher Price turtle couldn't fix the sadness. But one thing he did learn in his recovery days was how to do a wonderful impression of a plane...

Good Boy! we say and he continues to do it. Just like he has started to clap hands when Mama sings: "Clap hands for Cheby" - the hands and legs start kicking and a high-pitch squeal erupts.
So although most of the week has been spent cuddling and kissing our precious one we have also made time for some reading, some singing and some giggles too. There was always at least 10 smiles a day which made me feel better because I knew that happiness was still there, regardless of the blocked nose and tickly cough.

The curiosity is still there too, as is the gorgeous pout. We are loving "Where is the Green Sheep" by Mem Fox. It is a fabulous tale of sheep, opposites, colour and rhyme. Che loves to read books...

and loves to eat them too.

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