Monday, May 20, 2013

the wishing well

a wishing well in our neighbour's garden / tree dahlias with their delicate, slightly shaggy mauve petals that fall almost as soon as they bloom

For the next few months I'll precariously juggle the work/parenting role as deadlines overlap and children run circles around my desk. It happens at this time every year and for at least four days a week I'll sit at my computer, a hot water bottle on my lap and a cup of tea nearby; an attempt to keep warm and comfortable as I wade my way through a long list of editorial. 

Right now I'm working on a feature about international flower trends and I've happily discovered a beautiful world of blooms and botanicals. Urban florists are buying farms to grow their own flowers, and greenery, once an afterthought, is now the hero of the bouquet. The bright young things of the floristry world are creating a cacophony of colour and texture with homegrown and seasonal flowers; a balance of style and sustainability in the prettiest of vases (or old jam jars).

It's romanticised, I know, but I've always loved the idea of working with flowers; arranging tissue paper peonies next to baby hydrangeas and muted grey/green leaves. Imagine an odd collection of buckets, jars and jugs, coiled twine and linen ribbon, brown paper wrapping and hand drawn cards. I'm forgetting the early morning market runs, bookkeeping and tight delivery schedule but still, the picture is appealing, no?

Whilst a bunch of hand-picked lavender or supermarket daisies make a pretty vignette, I'm still enamoured with the the idea of learning a little floristry from a professional. I'm wishing and hoping that somewhere soon a little one-day course pops up and I'll happily indulge in a day of flower arranging. 

Do you have any tips for flowers in the home? Or are you happy with a bunch of herbs on the kitchen windowsill? If you had the opportunity, what profession would you indulge in, if only for a day?

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