Sunday, July 22, 2012

garden party

In between rain showers the sun stayed out long enough for us to enjoy home made pizzas, pumpkin soup and cheese muffins. In Mama and Popa's garden we gathered to celebrate Poet's first birthday and while she was a little overwhelmed to begin with, it didn't take her long to fall in love with balloons, pizza crusts and gift wrap.

We've only ever had a few parties for Che but I think I've learnt my lesson when it comes to organising birthday celebrations. Children are happy to be together. End of story. They don't need fancy tables laden with gourmet food, they don't require perfect decorations and they most definitely do not need a plethora of planned games. 

Together with family and friends we ate and drank and talked about vegie gardens and babies and school next year and how it all goes by so fast. At our feet children played with the Grandparent's stack of toys, the little red wagon and new giant bubble blowers.

When the rain fell we bundled inside to watch the birthday girl blow out her candle. We drank tea, ate my all time favourite birthday cake (the jam and cream sponge from Falling Cloudberries) and unwrapped special gifts.

It was simple and beautiful - just perfect for little Poet. 

thanks so much to virginia from lovely little parties who sent Poet some pretty flower garlands, tissue poms poms and cake decorations. Colourful and happy and just right for our garden party. 

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