Tuesday, October 19, 2010

spring fair

Sunday was spring in all her glory - blue cloudless skies and warm, bright, white sunshine. We wandered down the road to the local school and spent a few hours at the fair; rides, good food, a few second hand books and the obligatory jar of Nana Elsie's Pickles. It wouldn't be a school fete without a jar of homemade something now, would it?

And meet Mr Mallard - the newest resident in Mama & Popa's garden. He wears the most beautiful violet feathers on his tail and struts his stuff through the vegie patch. He let me photograph him for a fair while, occasionally quack quacking. His girlfriend was off in the neighbours backyard laying eggs. We're expecting baby quacks pretty soon.

PS. For those of you that asked about the teepee...it's from Dobbin and Drum Toys - you can buy it from my best friend's toy boutique (02) 43851082


  1. The Girl Guide unit and I manned a stall at a school fete on Saturday. The coconut shy. I have never seen kids go so wild trying to win a coconut. Was such fun to see all these old-school fete games being used and kids having so much fun with them.

  2. School fetes are the best for cheap easy entertainment, aren't they? Especially the ones with free jumping castles :-)

  3. Sounds wonderful & Mr. Mallard is incredibly sweet!