Thursday, February 5, 2009

i deliberated

There have been so many things I've found in op-shops that have had a rather cyclical life in my hands. They come into my home, stay a while, return to the op-shop. So now I'm more disciplined with what I buy.

A few days ago I bundled Che into the car and thought I'd return to a few favourite haunts that I used to visit several times a week. It must be noted here that babies and op-shops don't mix all that well - getting C in and out of the car is not fun for me and not fair on him. Hence I haven't op-shopped for a while. But now, considering the economic crisis and my desire to find vintage pre-loved goodness, I'm at it again.

Che loves it too - lots of trucks, cars, big-ugly-bright-hideous-plastic-toys that can be admired from a distance and never brought home. And then this wooden horse rocker that made me smile as soon as I saw its red feet. Che hopped right in and started a rockin'. And what did I do? I stood there watching him and deliberating. Thought process:

  • oh it's beautiful
  • it needs some sandpaper and touch-up paint though
  • that's ok, I can do it when I'm doing this
  • but do I really have time?
  • will it fit in our house?
  • is it corny or is it one of those great finds
  • reminds me of little community playgroup centres
  • old-fashioned toys (sigh)
  • but will it get used or sit in a corner?
  • he seems to like it (Che is smiling)
  • imagine it in a nursery when we get that cottage
  • next to a bassinet, or baby hammock, or moses basket
  • i like the red
  • i like that it's not made in China (Brazil, actually)
  • oh, it's only $10
  • There'll be more babies one day
  • oh gosh, imagine a few little kids in that nursery in the cottage
"C'mon Che, out you get. We have to pay for it."
"You're going to take this one love?"
"Yes, we'll take it." (Smile).

thank much. for all your sweet and passionate comments that were left on the last post. Mostly I'm just thinking aloud in this space, so it's comforting to know that you read with enthusiasm and not boredom. Those comments, they inspire think aloud a little more and perhaps, one day, to thread all those thoughts together and print them on paper.


  1. What a beautiful rocking horse! I adore vintage toys.

  2. It is hard to say no while thrifting. But every now and then you stuble across something you need to have!

    I'm so glad you indeed bought the rocking horse. :)

  3. yes i certanly try my best to think carefully when choosing items but its nice to think that atleast when something wasnt right you gave money to charity and then gave the item back for someone else to find. thats a realy gorgeous rocking horse, sounds like a winner in ches eyes:)

  4. what a great find!! :) i love your blog's so dreamy and warm. you are a true talent..:) thanks for sharing your world!

    i've also given you an award just because you are who you are..:)

  5. Ha! Yes I could have written this post myself...and bought the little horse home with us too. I too miss op shopping because of not wanting to drag the poor little ones in and out with me....nice find.

  6. such a gorgeous find! You have done well!! You definitely made the right decision :)

  7. Beautiful, I love your last paragraph. About thinking aloud. Whatever we all write about, whether we agree with each other or not, it almost doesn't matter does it. Its the thinking aloud, which connects us.

  8. it funny i suffer from the same kind of indecision in opshops. to me this looks like such an obviously fantastic find though! i think my hesitation comes from not wanting more stuff in the house/things to tidy up. i think that pony will be treasured by your family for years to come, even if they don't play with it everyday it will provide such a lovely backdrop

  9. well done jodi, I love that style of rocking horse. In fact, I missed one on ebay a couple of years ago. Wanted it for my shop. I like a bit of "corny" when it comes to kids' toys!

  10. Great find! Ee had one exactly like it when I was small, it made me smile when I saw it pop up on this post...I wonder if mum has any photos of it...hmm. Thanks for sharing.