Monday, October 20, 2008

30 days of gratitude : 23

Being one of those ethereal types - a wanderer, a dreamer...constantly lifting lifting towards the sky, I find meditation a challenge. My mind is never still, it is never slowing.

One of the easiest and most affective forms of meditation is to count the breath backwards. I particularly like focussing my awareness on my navel - "navel rising 54, navel falling 54, navel rising 53, navel falling 53". If ever I can't sleep this practice gently lulls me into slumber. But sleep is not meditation. I know, I know.

And even though I agree whole-heartedly with Jack, I find that silence, thought and a cup of tea is also my meditation.

Today while Che slept I sat quietly at the table, sipping tea and letting my eyes wander around the gentle folds of these roses. One petal, two petal, soft petal, fallen petal. Each flower has a different shape and pattern and they reminded me of mandalas, those colourful, intricate artworks that so many yogis meditate on.

Gratitude today for stillness in meditation, for tea and rose mandalas. Thanks for the blooms Mum x


  1. beautiful roses, from a fellow mind-wanderer! Mine's always full of little things I want to do.

  2. wow...these photos are stunning...meditation anyway you can get it with a little one is precious...I use a cd to walk me through or my mind won't settle down!

  3. Beautiful Photos and gratitude here as well for meditation.

  4. Lovely post. Often I do a dish washing meditation ar walking meditation when my mind is wandering.

  5. Beautiful roses. I can smell them now. Gorgeous.

  6. oh such beautiful flowers - I can almost smell them from my computer screen.