Monday, October 13, 2008

30 days of gratitude : 21

My first car - a 1978 Triumph. Total cost: $200.

A mint green beauty with a big engine and a big heart. She was so great to drive, purring along - no radio, no air-con...just vinyl seats, a huge steering wheel and great character. She didn't cope well in the rain - the windows would fog up, the wind-screen wipers were pretty useless and there was a leak - my right foot would always end up soaking wet. She was 6 years older than me. I loved her. Other Triumph drivers would wave if they passed me on the road.

I miss her terribly. I had to bid her farewell when a new clutch sent the whole engine out-of-whack. That was not long after this photo was taken.

There I am sitting on the verandah railing of the first house Daniel and I lived in together. A beach shack that was so so tiny and only had a linen cupboard for storage. We had hardly any furniture - a mattress on the floor, a day-bed, some floor cushions. I fell in love as soon as I saw it. Daniel hated it and tried to tell me it was too small, there is no storage, you can only fit one person in the kitchen. I saw incense burning, books piled high, fresh blooms and a little place to call home.

A few months in and I learnt the difference between romanticism and practicality...and the importance of both. Sure the books, the music, the home-made meals, the walk to the beach were great but no cupboards means you can't hide anything away and that became a problem. Throw into the equation a baby-on-the-way and I quickly began searching for a house with floor-to-ceiling cupboards, more than one bedroom and a kitchen that was big enough for our fridge.

When I stumbled upon this photo today, taken with our holga, I smiled. Such great memories. The car that took me from beach, to friends, to nighttime dancing...the house that Daniel and I moved into only 15 weeks after meeting each other and the place where Ché's little life began.

Gratitude today for the mint-green car named Willow and the beach shack that changed everything.


  1. Oh this is so sweet and nostalgic. I moved in with Glen after only a short time so I can so understand where you are coming form, if it is right, it is right.

  2. That place looks great. My first car was an orange VW. Today I drive past a VW and I knew exactly what it would have smelled like inside. I miss it to. Youw rite beautifully.

  3. Hi Jodie, Great car! I've tagged you over on my blog...hope you don't mind. Play if you want, if not that's ok too.


  4. Nice snippet - great love story.

  5. I too had a mint green car that was terrible in the rain when Nicolas and I were first together! I can't say that I miss it. I sure don't miss the tiny first dwelling. Great picture! It looks like it is from the 50's.

  6. Great car. I bought a powder blue volvo for $250. It sometimes broke down on hot days and took 3 people to push it - happy days :)

  7. what a great pic!

    regarding shoal nan lives at fingal so we spent most summers there also

    love your blog and your profile pic is heavenly

  8. Allright!! I love old cars, old haunts and old memories. What a wonderful post.

  9. I'd completely forgotten about your car named willow, you told me that when I first met you. What a great car! It reminds me a bit of my first one, a hillman hunter. maybe I'll write about it too...

  10. sweet nostalgia. that photo is awesome and i love the story.

  11. Such a lovely story, pic and memory. The first place you live together always holds a special place in the heart I think.