Wednesday, April 4, 2012

from the apple isle: hobart

We stumbled into Hobart in a Kia Grand Carnival with 70kg of luggage and two tired children. We had risen at 4.30am that morning, unpacked our suitcase at the airport because it was too heavy, flown across land and sea and completed a plethora of forms at the car rental desk. We were in need of food. And coffee. 

First stop - tricycle cafe & bar. A small and quirky cafe tucked into the Salamanca Arts Centre. There was one table that was big enough for us. It was taken. But the lovely lady could see we were in need so without any qualms she offered us her spot and wished us a fabulous stay in Tasmania. I'm pretty sure I declared my love for the apple isle right then and there. Tricycle was gorgeous - cute art prints, a bike with a basket and waitresses in denim pinafores. I delighted in a delicious coffee and the very best roast pumpkin/fetta/walnut paste sandwich I've ever eaten. After the last mouthful of a decadent BLT Daniel declared that he did indeed feel human again. 

We spent a few days in and around Hobart, visiting MONA (apparently it's quite common for people to fly into Hobart for the day just to visit the gallery!), walking through the city streets (dotted with antique stores and cafes) and eating delicious fish & chips at Salamanca. It's a city where sandstone meets the sea; it's small scale with beautiful views and the cleanest, crispest air. 

Here are my must-sees in Hobart - feel free to add your own in the comments section

Che wears beanie by acorn, striped scarf c/o Hoot, orange sneakers c/o Jonah and the Girl, grandpa cardi by seed


  1. I went there 3 years ago! love it! enjoy!!!!

  2. Amazing photos. Travelling in itself is tiring but with children too and all the extra luggage.....happy belated birthday :) x

  3. Beautiful photos x I so want to move to the apple isle. Happy belated birthday

  4. We are planning a trip later this year to Tasmania...this has made me even more excited about it :)

  5. Lovely, lovely - i feel like i've just been on a mini holiday! You captured what it's like travelling with kids really well.

  6. Haha, nobody's going to understand when you call the Train Park by its proper name! :D

  7. And that lovely, hole in the wall pub up behind Tricycle, what's that called. I reckon I holed up in there every evening with a book and my diary when I visited this time last year. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

  8. SEVENTY KILOS of luggage? Seven - zero? Holy crap! Kellie xx

    1. Yep 70! 2 carseats, a pram, camera equipment and clothes. It was cumbersome x

  9. Next time you must visit Store homewares, Rubys Room for kids lovely things and Baker & McRoss for lunch (in Battery Point). Hunter Gatherer for handmade wares and if you take a drive down the Houn to Cygnet, Lotus Eaters cafe is divine.

  10. I've been in australia for 3 and a half years now, and I've seen much of what i want to see (the great barrier reef, the norther territory etc) but the 2 places i have yet to go to are Perth and Tassie and I'm dying to do both! Hobart sounds and looks just wonderful through your eyes x

  11. It's on the list!
    Love the hat!
    That coffee looks amazing!
    Lovely images as usual.
    Happy holidays!

  12. Red Velvet Lounge is a must in Cygnet too, further afield Ut Si cafe in Perth (just south of Launceston too).

    Agree totally with Lucy about the bakery Jackman & McRoss in Battery point.

    We are so lucky to live here.

  13. Hi Jodi I'm a new follower and an Hobartian. I'm so delighted you're enjoying your stay down here in this glorious autumnal weather.

    I agree with Peekaboo Lucy about Store & Co. Over the road is a divine stationery shop, too. Don't miss 'Inside' and 'Love and Clutter' in Murray St (the same owner of The Maker). Kafe Kara in Elizabeth St is always scrumptious. And if you're a lover of antiques wares, head to The Drill Hall Emporium in New Norfolk, just north of Hobart. There are other antique shops there, too.

    Read this post by my friend, Ann, for more tips ( Let me know how you go! J x

  14. Your pictures make me swoon and spark wanderlust so fierce. Looks lovely.

  15. i always enjoy looking at your lovely photography, which is why i am passing on a couple of awards to you. have a sneaky visit at my latest blog post.


    a lovely mixed bag.