Monday, April 13, 2009

a bunny named easter

He arrived unannounced in Grandad's garden on Easter morning. Perhaps he was resurrected but I think I'll stick with the more likely story that he ran away from home. Or he decided we all deserved a fairytale-touch this Easter. Twitching his nose and snuggling in for cuddles this little guy won our hearts straight away. He was even patient with us when Ché attempted to pull out his hair - apparently it was a 'gentle' touch. A cute, furry bunny was definitely a welcome sight - and a nice change from the mountains of chocolate we were gifted. Oh dear. My pantry is brimming with milky cocoa goodness. I'm thinking of donating it elsewhere but D won't have a bar of it.

Ché is fond of the coloured foil and not so much the sweet inside. This makes me happy.

The heavy rain today makes me happy too. Perfect autumn weather to coax us inside. Hibernating. Roasting vegetables in the oven. Cosy, warming food. Happy.


  1. I love the light in your photos. Happy Easter :)

  2. What fun! You're very lucky. My little boy couldn't get enough of the chocolaty goodness inside the foil wrappers.

  3. That is one of cutest rabbits I have ever seen, definately a great gift. Glad that Che had such s great time!

  4. That rabbit has gorgeous colorings!

  5. Oh a little lost bunny...a sweet coincidence!
    My little boy think the foil tastes just as good as the chocolate...well either that or he just can't wait.... ;) way too much choc in this house too!

  6. What a cool bunny!

    I know about that 'gentle' touch! My friends 2 year old likes to 'pat' our 4 month old baby and we are all saying "gentle" the whole time! Poor boy, I think he thinks he is being gentle and wonders why we keep saying the same thing over and over...