Friday, November 21, 2008


The sky has been grey, sometimes dark, the wind strong. It is so un-Spring-like that I am feeling a little cheated. I don't suppose it helps when the little one is miserable with a fever and annoyed at the toothiepegs that keep threatening to break-through. Oh dear, oh dear. I have spent quite a few hours cuddling and swaying with him and staring, as I do, out the window. Watching the different colours of the day. The light and the dark. The trees and the twigs. The twig tree is so Wintery.

This bunch of twigs will be perfect for something I have in mind. For building and finely creating. With time and patience and a cup of tea beside me. I'm re-discovering my love for creating with my hands - for objects as well as words. It's nice.


  1. hey lovelies, we're in the miserable land of tooth at the moment too, so sad to see little ones hurting. And what's going on with this weather?? Been wearing boots and jeans, not november like at all. New pants for a certain little man this week...

  2. ooh I think if I had that view I would sit all day. I can't wait to see what twiggy goodness you create. Natural materials are my favourite to work with. It's sad teething is such a challenge for the poor little tots...time and love.

  3. i'm sure you have your remedies at the ready but i just wanted to share what worked for us amongst the swaying and the comforting and the patience - Boiron Camillia and arnica 30c when the gums were swollen right before the teeth poked through. really good stuff.